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Participants will be mounted/assisted onto a well natured horse along with the proper supervision of a dismounted "leader" and two dismounted "side-walkers." The dismounted supervision will assist the rider in performing the tasks of basic equitation in an enclosed riding arena.  Various games and skill tests appropriate to the riding ability of the riders will be designed to enhance the overall experience.


It only takes witnessing of the broad smiles on the faces of the riders to immediately recognize the program's value.  The rider's obvious joy is immediately identifiable in their being able to perform the task of controlling a horse when the rest of their life is so often outside of theri control. The benefits of therapeutic riding programs is well documented internationally. The horse is the bridge in succesfully reaching participants where many other programs fail. 


Therapeutic Riding Program

The HOH Therapeutic Riding Program is certified and registered with PATH Int'l. The certification process at PATH Int'l... 

HOH is happy to announce a new affiliation with Easter Seals Disability Services of Dallas. Easter Seals... 

HOH is a therapeutic riding program that is a proven method of bolstering psychological morale as well as providing a wonderful equestrian exercise program specifically designed to various disabled populations. There is often a very special connection that a horse and other animals are able to make where many other conventional methods fail

Our Mission Statement
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