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Our Therapeutic Riding horses are specially selected for their quiet and tolerant nature. They are familiarized with the process of mounting, hand-walking, being led, side-riders, and the activites asked of them. The horses are almost always a little older, seasoned and are accepting of various unexpected noises that may be generated by either riders with special needs or the surrounding environment. Sometimes younger horses will also share this same disposition at an earlier age.


Crossbreds and Quarter horses are better known for their quieter dispositions but sometimes the proper natured horse will be an unexpected purebred who would otherwise be a little more high strung. The right attitude can come in many shapes, colors and sizes. The only qualities we look for is a very tolerant disposition and a big heart. This allows the riders to focus on developing riding skills without having to worry about the performance of the horse.

The Horses

The Equipment

Therapeutic Program: Saddles and equipment will be selected to best suit the needs of both the rider and the horse. Most of our equipment comes from the English-style riding. Riders will have reins, the leader has the horses restrained with an over-halter for supervised control. Safety is of the upmost concern in our therapeutic program.


Youth Equestrian Program: English bridles and saddles are used in our equestrian program. Helmets and boots are required for all riders.  Riders have the option of wearing riding breeches and riding boots or a more casual jean with paddock boots and half chaps.  


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